Healing Families Affected by Drug and Alcohol Addictions
When a person suffers from drug and alcohol dependency, it affects everyone close to them. The stress of living with an addict or an alcoholic is intense and can manifest many unhealthy consequences. Just as the addict needs treatment for drugs or alcohol, families need support and education in how to manage their relationships with an addicted loved one.

At Recovery in the Pines, we provide families with Christian and clinical guidance and education to help them to stop feeling afraid and helpless and start making strong choices for their health and happiness. We teach families how to be aware of their own perceptions and beliefs about their loved one’s addiction and how they have shaped their emotions and actions. We involve them in reviewing scripture from the Bible so they can know God’s love and Jesus’ teachings about the power of forgiveness. This allows family members to alter their relationship with their loved one in healthy ways.


  • Meetings with the Director of Family Relations
  • Christian fellowship
  • Group discussions
  • Daily prayer group
  • Reading and reflection
  • Family goal setting
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Is your family’s peace and joy disrupted by the actions of an loved one addicted to drugs or alchol? Get the support your family needs. Call us at (844) 762-3748 and ask for Karen Black, our Family Relations Director.