Therapy Programs

Holistic Wellness

Abusing drugs and alcohol has significant effects on the physical, mental and spiritual health of every user in different ways. Each person who comes to Recovery in the Pines receives an assessment so we can create personalized, multi-functional therapy programs that target the specific issues necessary for their recovery.

Christian Counseling

We shape our programs based upon a Christian understanding of people, problems, and solutions.

Small Group Sessions

With small group sessions, participants are given the opportunity to address the issues of the pain and trauma of addiction in a supportive atmosphere.

12-Step Meetings

We follow a philosophy and a process for learning how to modify the perceptions and beliefs of men addicted to drugs and alcohol to help them make healthier choices.

Family Therapy

We help to heal families and resolve the issues they experience regarding addiction and substance abuse so they can support their loved one in their pursuit of sobriety.

Yoga, Acupuncture, Tai Chi

These progressive therapies help heal the mind and the body, creating a greater inner balance.

Physical Fitness

Our physical fitness programs strengthen the body and improve mental health and mood.

Nutritional Consultation

We provide consultation on healthy food choices to boost energy levels, while improving sleep patterns, the immune system, and overall focus and concentration.


Our hypnosis therapy provides a safe, reliable way to reduce cravings of harmful substances, while minimizing physical and emotional discomfort associated with addiction.

Chiropractic Care

With chiropractic care, we alleviate short-term pain and improve circulation for overall wellness.

Life Coaching

We coach the men in our programs how to make healthier choices regarding their careers, their faith, relationships, and finances. We help them to set goals and teach them how to achieve those goals so they can lead a fulfilling, sober life when they graduate from Recovery in the Pines.

For more information about our therapy programs, call us at (928) 308-4311.

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